Most of us are familiar with inbound marketing these days. Search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing (e.g. blogging), social media marketing, podcasts, ebooks, videos…

Everybody seems to talk about it. But does it work? Will it actually provide a worthwhile return on investment (ROI), or is it just hype?

If you’re skeptical of inbound marketing approaches, consider the following:

1. In two years (2017), 70% of consumer web traffic will be dominated by video marketing.

2. Businesses that focus on inbound marketing approaches will save, on average, £9 for every recently-gained customer.

3. Three out of four inbound marketing approaches cost less than outbound marketing channels.

4. There is an average 80% drop in the cost per lead after using inbound marketing for 5 months.

5. Within 6 months, 44% of brands using inbound marketing automation will see ROI. After a year, this figure jumps to 75% of brands.

6. When companies provide persona-driven content and employ inbound content approaches, 45% witness an increase in Sales Accepted Leads (SALs).

7. Companies using automation for their lead-nurturing cycle typically see a 10% revenue increase within 6-9 months.

8. Companies that post 15 blogs every month, on average, convert 1000+ new leads per month.

9. Once 5 months of continuous inbound marketing is completed, there is an 80% fall in the average cost per lead.

10. Four out of five business decision makers prefer to obtain information about a brand.

philAs the Marketing Coordinator at CreativeAdviser, Phil is responsible for devising marketing strategies for his clients, generating engaging and informative content, and ensuring brand consistency across all of CreativeAdviser’s communications. Phil has a passion for digital marketing and a borderline-unhealthy addiction to Google analytics. 

In his spare time, Phil can be found powerlifting at his local gym, watching action movies, or playing acoustic guitar at open mic nights.

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