Financial newsletters are a great marketing tool. They’re an easy way to keep open communication with your clients and share important news and updates. However, in a world of email communication, how do you make yours stand out from the crowd?

There’s a lot to consider when creating your newsletter, so to make sure you don’t make any simple mistakes, we’ve put together a simple but effective 7 step checklist.


Step 1: Know Your Goal

Before you do anything else, you need to be clear on the goal of your financial newsletter. Any email without a clear purpose is bound to get ignored in a full inbox. Make sure that you know exactly why you’re sending the newsletter out, and then sell the value of that message to your customers. Your goal can be anything; reconnecting with old leads, or driving more traffic to your website. Just make sure it fits into your overall marketing strategy!


Step 2: Collect Your Content

Depending on your purpose, your content will come from different places. This could be from reputable third parties, your clients, or from in-house. It doesn’t matter where you gather it, as long as it’s client-driven and works towards your goal.


Step 3: Create an Exciting Template

The look of your newsletter is just as important as the content. After all, there’s little point curating great content if you can’t entice people to read it. Your design should be professional, on-brand, but exciting. Make sure you keep in mind your goal and your content; you want your newsletter to be easy to read, with an obvious call to action.

Top Tip: Don’t forget to make your template mobile-friendly, half of emails are opened and read on mobile devices!


Step 4: Make it Personal

Personalisation is when you add tailored information to a newsletter, the most common form of this is starting the email with the name of the subscriber. Implementing personal elements into your newsletter is proven to help raise click through rates.


Step 5: Create a Killer Subject Line

Like personalisation, a perfect subject line is key to a great newsletter as it will directly influence your open rate. To make your subject line stand out, try to keep it short and catchy, but also to the point. You don’t want your audience to click expecting one thing and then end up getting something else, all you’ll achieve is a loss of trust in your brand.


Step 6: Don’t Forget the Images

You probably added in images when you created your template. This is a good way to add interest, but don’t forget to add the alt text. If the images don’t load, the alt text will briefly describe the images. Enabling your content to still be communicated to your customers.


Step 7: Send! But Don’t Forget to Analyse!

Once your newsletter has sent, don’t just forget about it! Make sure you use analytics to
check on its performance. Use the data to make small changes each time, in time creating
your perfect financial newsletter.



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