Financial SEO

Search engine optimisation designed to grow your firm.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a powerful way for financial firms to grow their brand awareness, attract website footfall and bring in more inbound leads. At CreativeAdviser we offer specialist SEO services specifically for financial firms looking to raise their profile in Google. Whether you need an agency to assist your in-house marketing team or to act as your full-service SEO partner, our dedicated team can assist.

Video has the power to engage financial services’ clients more than almost any other media, generating brand awareness and engagement from current and potential clients. Find out more about our animated “explainer” videos for financial firms, as well as our bespoke video solutions for those wanting maximum impact.

Increase brand awareness

The first step to growing your client base is to get in front of interested prospects. We can help you leverage digital marketing to grow your brand exposure to the right people, at the right time.

Campaigns that attract and convert

We don’t just drive traffic to your website. We put measures in place to help turn them into engaged enquirers using smart campaigns, lead magnets and more to generate a steady stream of leads.

Specialist & local targeting

Are you looking to gain traction in a particular locale, industry or niche (e.g. QROPS)? We can help you identify, use and optimise the marketing channels you need to occupy your desired space.

Grow your firm

Search engine optimisation to help ensure your firm is found online.

Most financial firms are looking to build up a strong level of brand awareness amongst high net worth individuals within a particular geographic area, or specific industry (e.g. healthcare). A great marketing channel to achieve this is via search engine optimisation (SEO), which increases your website’s exposure in Google for specific keywords used by your potential clients to find your services.

SEO has a lot of moving parts and a steep learning curve for financial services. That’s where CreativeAdviser comes in. We can offer the experience and technical know-how you need to et your search engine rankings on the right track, building them up and growing them like assets in an investment portfolio. We can do all the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to focus on your clients and growing your business.

Castlegate Website
Search engine optimised
Tailored to your audience
Engaging content
Clear call-to-actions

SEO campaigns and content designed to attract and convert new leads.

Organic search is widely recognised to offer a higher quality of lead generation to financial firms, compared to many other marketing tactics (e.g. buying email lists). Users tend to bestow more trust to financial businesses which appear higher up in their search engine results, meaning they are more likely to make an enquiry. Our team here at CreativeAdviser can not only help your firm achieve the search engine ranking you need for your target search terms, but also help craft the landing pages and digital assets you need in order to convert these clicks into a steady stream of inbound leads.

Castlegate Website
Search engine optimised
Tailored to your audience
Engaging content
Clear call-to-actions

Local SEO and specialist targeting to generate qualified leads.

Are you a financial adviser or smaller financial firm looking to generate more online visibility, engagement and leads from customers in your region or local area? At CreativeAdviser, we can help you effectively navigate the ever-shifting landscape of local SEO, helping your firm gain a sustainable upper hand on the competition in Google’s local search engine results.

Alternatively, perhaps you are looking to target a particular niche or industry with your SEO. For instance, you could be a financial adviser looking to increase your search engine visibility for pension transfer keywords, or for expat financial advice (e.g. QROPs). We have experience in these areas and can assist you with raising your profile in these areas too.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you guarantee my financial firm will hit the first page of Google?

No, we cannot. Moreover, any financial marketing agency that promises you this should be avoided, in the same way an investment manager should be avoided who promises a certain financial return. What we can guarantee is the strength of our SEO track record, which shows many of our financial services clients reaching the first page of Google for important keywords we have targeted. For more information on our past performance, please get in touch.

How long does it take financial planners to achieve top rankings?

It depends on a range of factors including the quality of your financial website design, the fierceness of your competition in the search engines, your target audience and the specific nature of the keywords you are pursuing. For most financial firms, realistically your SEO campaign is going to require a longer-term strategy. A 6-month commitment is usually a reasonable period of time to assess the results of your financial SEO agency.

Is there a minimum term contract for your financial SEO services?

Virtually all of the marketing programmes we offer at CreativeAdviser are rolling monthly contracts. That means you are not tied into anything, and can cancel at anytime. However, for your SEO campaign we do recommend that you commit to a minimum of 3 months. This is because even in the best of worlds it takes time to build up your search engine rankings, and so we require a bit of time to demonstrate our results.

How many keywords can I target?

Each keyword you go after in Google search represents a decent amount of work, in order to rank your financial website for it. Some keywords are more difficult than others due to higher search volume and competition. For some financial firms, therefore, it might make sense to focus resources on targeting 3-4 keywords initially. Others might be able to target 15+ keywords at one time. Simply put, we can tailor the number of keywords according to your budget.

What do you include within your SEO campaigns?

SEO for financial services involves a lot of moving parts working together. At CreativeAdviser, we include a standard range of SEO tactics for our clients’ campaigns. These include on-site technical optimisation (e.g. meta tags), building backlinks, producing unique content, optimising keyword lists, improving conversion rates, improving your calls to action, producing landing pages and “pillar content”, improving your social media profiles and providing monthly reporting.

How does the transparent SEO reporting work?

When financial firms partner with us for their SEO, we give you access to a dedicated online portal which stores all of the metrics and data for your campaign. This includes important information such as your number of website visitors, bounce rates, conversion rates, session duration, traffic sources and more. Your reports are updated every 24 hours and you have continual access, meaning you can check your campaign at any time and ask us about it.

Do you work on local SEO for financial firms?

Google is increasingly making lots of keywords more locally-focused in the financial services industry. This is particularly so for financial planners, since potential clients are typically looking for a local professional who can assist them. At CreativeAdviser, we have therefore invested considerable time in developing our SEO programmes so that they work powerfully in local search. Whether you need help with your Google My Business profile or some local pillar pages, we can assist.

Do you provide SEO services to financial firms in competition with one another?

Broadly speaking, it is not in either our interests or yours for us to work with multiple competitors. After all we want a strong, long-term relationship with you and do not want anything to undermine that. One important caveat is that we do sometimes work with a maximum of two financial firms who are looking to target the same geographic region with their SEO strategy. This is because there is enough real estate in Google for both to feature prominently, without necessarily stepping on each other’s toes. If you would like exclusivity, however, then we can offer this to you at an additional fee.

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