What has the arrival of ChatGPT (and other generative AI providers) done to the value of financial copywriting in 2024? Arguably, having a good financial copywriter is now more useful than ever before, helping your voice to stand out from those relying on robots to speak for them.

Yet how do financial firms build an ideal copywriting strategy in light of shifting technologies, consumer demands and industry regulations. Below, our financial marketing team at CreativeAdviser offer 7 financial copywriting strategies to consider in 2024.

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#1 Benefits over features

When it comes to marketing materials such as their website and brochure copy, financial firms often fall into the trap of stating what they do – rather than how they solve client problems.

For instance, a financial planner may go into great detail explaining how their “unique discretionary portfolio service” works. Meanwhile, many readers have been left behind, confused by the jargon.

Instead, consider leading with how your investment service alleviates the client’s “pain points”. For example, you take time to help them understand confusing investment concepts, patiently and without belittling. You take the stress out of managing your own portfolio – freeing up the client’s time to do what they enjoy in life.

#2 Speak directly to the audience

Many financial advisers (rightly) claim to know their clients well. Yet their financial copywriting (e.g. on blogs and newsletters) is very “general”. We understand that you do not want to alienate potential clients by speaking to a niche audience. Yet, veering too far in this direction can dilute your voice and brand.

For example, are you a financial adviser who specialises in ex-military, footballers, medical professionals or expats? These groups have their own unique language, pain points and set of experiences which you can speak into. By doing so, you can position yourself more as a specialist – i.e. the “go-to person” for financial advice.

#3 Tell stories

Stories are buried deep into our psyches as a species. Across the world, the earliest human clans used folklore, myths and legends to create a shared identity. This instinct remains with us today and is the primary driving force behind literature, art and cinema.

Financial advisers are in a unique position to tell stories. Your clients are a treasure trove for this. Many have lived full lives with diverse experiences. No single person will be the same. As such, your service to them will have been unique.

People love to hear about others, similar to them (e.g. older folk), who have overcome challenges – e.g. financial ones. Are you telling those stories regularly with your copywriting?

#4 Ask questions

Clients come to financial advisers for “the answers” to their burning questions about pensions, investments and other key areas of wealth planning. Therefore, financial advisers can feel pressure to appear “all-knowing”. After all, you do not want to unsettle clients by giving the impression that you are incompetent.

In fact, clients often value the humility of a professional who asks questions and learns from others (including clients!). Questions are a great financial copywriting tool to help engage the reader. They are also invaluable for marketing research – e.g. via client surveys.

#5 Include calls to action

What do you want your audience to do after they have read your content? For existing clients, you may be content for them simply to consume a blog, video or infographic and walk away satisfied. Yet could you achieve even more?

Perhaps you can encourage a client to leave a review, follow your company on social media or leave a “like” or “comment”. For prospects, the call to action (CTA) might be an invitation to download a PDF guide or arrange a calendar meeting.

Here, be careful to consider where your audience is likely to be in their “buying journey”. Are they just getting to know you as they read your article, simply wanting to educate themselves? In which case, offering a PDF guide might be less aggressive than asking to book a meeting.

#6 Lead with value

How much advice, information or “value” should you reveal via your financial copywriting? Financial advisers can sometimes feel reluctant to share too much, fearing that clients will then feel emboldened to bypass their service and take a “DIY approach” (e.g. to investing). However, the opposite tends to be true.

The world of financial services, pensions, investing and financial planning is highly complex to the average person. By explaining things clearly to clients in, say, an article, you show that you understand these things and want to help. This builds trust in your brand and a perception that you are a “thought leader” (or authority) in the subject; someone that clients should follow.

#7 Follow time-honoured practice

In closing, the tried-and-true methods of financial copywriting still hold strong in 2024. These include having a compelling headline to draw the reader in, breaking up your text to aid readability (e.g. using paragraphs or bullet points) and keeping sentences relatively short.

Avoid using an overly formal tone or heavy jargon. Lean towards the active voice which sounds more dynamic and personal. Include testimonials and other forms of social proof with your content where possible.

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What Is Financial Copywriting? Definition and Benefits

Financial copywriting is the art of creating copy and financial content tailored specifically for the financial services sector. A professional financial copywriter can create website copy, blog posts and articles, emails, client newsletters, market updates and social media content, all designed to engage, inform, and convert potential clients. From communicating complex financial concepts with clarity to instilling trust and credibility, effective financial copywriting is key in driving conversions and fostering lasting client relationships.

Benefits of Financial Copywriting:

  • Establishes Authority and Trust: In the highly competitive financial sector, credibility is paramount. Expertly crafted financial copy positions your firm as a trusted authority, instilling confidence in your audience and setting you apart from competitors.
  • Clarifies Complex Concepts: Finance can be daunting for many individuals. Through clear and concise communication, financial copywriting demystifies intricate concepts, making them accessible and comprehensible to your target audience.
  • Drives Conversions: Compelling copy has the power to inspire action. By leveraging persuasive language and strategic calls-to-action, financial copywriting drives conversions, turning prospects into loyal clients.
  • Enhances Brand Visibility: In an increasingly digital world, a strong online presence is essential for success. Well-crafted financial copy enhances your brand’s visibility across various platforms, attracting attention and generating leads.
  • Supports SEO Strategies: With search engine algorithms constantly evolving, high-quality, SEO-optimised content is crucial for maintaining visibility online. Skilful financial copywriting incorporates relevant keywords and best practices, boosting your firm’s rankings and driving organic traffic to your website.
  • Fosters Engagement: Engaging content is key to building meaningful relationships with your audience. Through compelling storytelling and interactive elements, financial copywriting captivates readers, encouraging them to actively engage with your brand.
  • Adaptability Across Channels: Whether it’s a thought-provoking blog post, an informative email newsletter, or a captivating social media campaign, financial copywriting adapts seamlessly to various marketing channels, ensuring consistent messaging and maximum impact.

Financial Copywriting Services

Unlock the Power of Persuasive Financial Content

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