Tandem Financial is a financial planning business based in Luton. Born out of a demerger with a previous financial planning business, the Director of Tandem needed help creating a company name, brand, logo, straplines, brochures website. Other corporate materials (e.g. stationery) would also be needed to establish the new firm with a solid visual identity, putting clients at ease as they transferred.

Project goals
Create A Compelling Name & Brand

The new company name, brand and logo would be needed to communicate immense quality, credibility and prestige – instilling trust from the target audience.

Design A Bespoke, High-Quality Financial Website

It was important that Tandem looked established despite being a new firm. The website needed to “look the part” online as a financial planner, conveying trust, quality and authority.

Develop a set of tailored brand materials

With the new visual identity created, this would need to be integrated into a set of bespoke, offline brand assets including a client brochure, letterhead, brand guidelines and business cards.

Ensure a Seamless Transition for Clients

The existing client base could be alienated by the demerger process. The branding exercise, therefore, would need to provide reassurance and prevent alienation and fear as much as possible.

The results

“Because everyone’s path is different”

Tandem’s director is passionate about biking, the countryside and “the great outdoors.” It, therefore, felt fitting to call the business Tandem Financial; a name arrived at through a series of creative workshops. It brought out the theme of partnership, and tied in with new straplines: “Planning Your Adventure” and “Because Everyone’s Path Is Different.”

Tandem Financial Logo
Planning Your Adventure

Creating an online journey.

The new website design needed to be high-quality and impressive, making an immediate impact upon the website visitor. This was accomplished mainly through the use of the sharp, beautiful imagery CreativeAdviser developed for the Tandem brand – displaying it immediately to the user upon their arrival on the homepage. Other engaging features include a lovely image slider and clear navigation bar, which powerfully and clearly engages with the client’s emotions through the use of “You”, “Us”, “Why and “How”.

View the website

Choose your trail.

Taking the “outdoors” theme further, Tandem’s different investment portfolios were then branded according to different UK national parks; collectively called “TRAILS” (Tandem Risk Assessed Investment Levels). The “Defensive” portfolio, for instance, was assigned to be The Broads, for instance, whilst the “Speculative” portfolio was The Cairngorns.

The brand roll out.

The new new name, logo and brand were then tied together into a brand roll out, This included brand guidelines, a TRAILS brochure for client meetings, and corporate stationery (business card, USB sticks and letterheads). The brand was also integrated into a clear, pristine and bespoke website design which conveyed distinction, high quality and innovation.

Bringing the brand to life.

The director at Tandem wanted to make the new firm stand head-and-shoulders above the competition. By including a bespoke, highly personal video on the website, Tandem Financial has been able to leverage a powerful piece of brand communication to quickly introduce the staff at Tandem, convey the value proposition and put the client at ease. Within two minutes, the viewer feels like they “get to know” the director and it gives them that extra confidence to pick up the phone.

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