When your prospective clients search on Google for an IFA, who appears on the first page?

Is it you, or is it your competition?

Appearing at the top is hugely important, especially when you consider that 75% of Google users do not scroll past page one when searching for IFA services online.

So, knowing where your Google position lies relative to your competition is hugely useful.

The screenshot from our Portal below shows you an example of how this data works:

SEO portal

Here, we’ve lined up an anonymous financial company against its closest search competition. What does this tell us?

First of all, the IFA website at the top is blowing away the others. Looking at the right hand column, it has more than twice the number of Top 10 keywords as its closest competitor.

Secondly, the table also gives us an idea of which factors are most important when it comes to ranking an IFA website for the Top 10. What do we mean?

Well, look at the Backlinks column. Notice anything?

The top company has some of the fewest backlinks – around 2000. The one at the bottom has over 400,000 backlinks.

This should act as a warning sign to IFAs. When looking for a financial marketing agency to promote your IFA website, do not look at the quantity of backlinks offered to you.

The quality of the backlinks they build is what offers more value. This is also supported by the figures in the “Linking Domains” column.

The table also shows the top company as having 1902 indexed pages. (This refers to the number of pages on the website found by Google).

This figure is not the highest in the table, but by no means is it the lowest either. What does this mean for your IFA website?

It means that size does not really matter for IFA websites. In other words, you do not need thousands of web pages to rank on Google. Rather, you just need good quality content on the pages you’ve got.

Noticing a pattern here when it comes to search engine optimisation?

Quality. Not quantity.

So how can you assess the quality of your IFA website? One good place to start is to conduct an SEO audit. This is also something our Portal can do, for free.

For example, here is an excerpt of the SEO audit for the company above:

SEO audit

This report shows that this company can immediately begin to improve its search position by addressing each of the errors listed in the red boxes.

Would you like a SEO report for your IFA website? Contact us today for a free audit.

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