Perhaps more accurately, we could say this: is a lack of financial marketing letting you down?

When business is good it is easy to focus on the work you have to do. It is very easy to push financial marketing tasks further down on your list of things to do. After all you are busy and you have plenty of clients, so there is really no need to worry about finding new business is there?

Of course life is a bit more difficult than this. There will come a time when you run out of pressing clients and tasks to handle, and you find you need some more fresh input and clients again. This is when you will wish you had indulged in some financial marketing during the busy times, so you could continue to be busy without a lull.

As you can see it makes sense to have a plan to ensure you perform a range of financial marketing tasks all the time. You don’t have to spend a long time doing this every day or week, but you should make it a regular thing. This will ensure you can make the most of what you are doing and bring in new business to boot.

We’ve already seen that sporadic financial marketing is one of the biggest sins you can commit. However there are other problems you could experience as well. It is definitely easier to market your firm if you have a website that does some of these tasks on your behalf. For example, you can publish a blog whereby every post is automatically announced on several of the social networking sites as soon as it is published. You could also make it easy for other people to promote your services or blog posts by making symbols of the most popular networks visible under each post. If someone likes what they read they can post it and then link back to your website – providing more visibility for you as a result.

It is easy to see that there are lots of different ways to tackle financial marketing. They don’t all have to be done all the time – and they don’t all have to be done by you either. However you should create a plan of some kind to make sure this very important task doesn’t get pushed to the back of your mind. This is especially important when you know you have a lot of regular jobs to work on and your mind is on the now instead of on the future. If you’re not used to thinking like this don’t worry – once you have a plan to follow for your financial marketing goals you will get the best results at all times. Your business may well improve more than you might think, enabling you to enjoy a higher income in the weeks and months to come.

In short, a plan drawn up now will benefit you in lots of different ways when it comes to financial marketing.