Your Google My Business Page can be a powerful addition to any financial marketing campaign. It’s one of the first things potential customers see of your business and can have a huge impact on your financial SEO.

Here are 4 easy steps to optimise your Google My Business so it helps, rather than hinders, your SEO.


1 – Keep your profile up to date and accurate

Keeping your profile up to date is the first step to helping your SEO rankings. The best practice is to fill out all the information you can. Comprehensive pages not only engage potential customers by answering all of their questions but will also see Google pushing your page higher up the listings.

  • If you are unable to fill out every aspect, here is what you should include as a minimum;
    Name and address: Pin-point your business location accurately, especially if you’re not the easiest to find. This will help to boost your local SEO.
  • Business category: Choose your category carefully, as it directly links to what your customers are searching, and so is a factor in your SEO.
  • Description: While you’re allowed 750 characters for your description, keep in mind that google only displays the first 250!


2 – Be consistent

One of the most simple yet effective ways of keeping your SEO rankings high is to make sure your information is consistent across all your platforms. That includes your social media platforms as well as your website. Inconsistencies are unprofessional, stop your audience from finding you and have a negative impact on your search rankings – so take the time to double and triple check.


3 – Use images to your advantage

Google reports that businesses with images on their page receive up to 40% more traffic than those without. You don’t need a wide variety of images, just enough that people will be able to quickly identify your business and your location. In order to use them to boost your SEO, give them captions and alt text that includes your key terms.


4 – Build good reviews

Good reviews not only build trust and confidence in your business, they also provide greater visibility in the SEO rankings. Don’t sit back in the hope that people will go out of their way to leave you positive reviews, take a little time to ask people to leave feedback and even consider offering incentives if they do.


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