Are you a financial adviser, financial planner of IFA? Have you taken a fresh look at your financial website lately? Is it performing well for you or do you have the feeling there is something missing?

If you’re erring on the side of the latter, we might be able to help. There are three things all good financial web design ideas and websites should have. We’ve listed them here so you can see what they are – and find out whether your site matches up to the ideal.

1: A clear and clean design

Have you ever arrived on a website only to be bombarded with colours, designs, features, flashing arrows and heaven alone knows what else? You’re not alone – most of us have done so at one time or another. The usual reaction is to blink a few times, trying to take it all in – before leaving in search of another, better website.

Clearly you want your website to be the exact opposite of the example given above. Modern financial web design needs to be clear and precise – confusion and over design will only lead to sending people elsewhere, usually into the arms of your competitors.

2: Professionalism

As a financial services firm, people come to you and trust you with their finances. It stands to reason then that you’d want your website to convey the same sense of professionalism as your business. The two must marry up together to make sure people are impressed with your website and are inspired to contact you as a result.

Every aspect of your site must therefore convey how professional your business is and how seriously you take your work. This does not translate into being complex – indeed it means the exact opposite. Keep things simple and you won’t go far wrong.

3: Ease of contact

How easy is it for someone to get hold of you if they like what your financial web site shows them and they want to find out more? It is one thing for you to know where the contact details are on your website, but quite another for your visitors to find out where they are.

You must be sure your financial website makes it easy for people to get in touch. Once you make that first contact – whether it is by email, phone or any other method – you will have a good chance of turning them into a paying customer. However, you must be able to make contact in the first place, and the easier you make it the easier it will be to develop the kind of business you really want.

As you can see, there are several aspects that are worth remembering if you want to make the most of your financial website. The easier it is to connect with people and draw them in, the more customers you will be able to get. All you need is to invest in the right web design to begin with and then you can sit and watch the results.

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