As an Independent Financial Adviser your days can be very busy. You may be managing both new and existing clients and therefore it’s not surprising you don’t have much time left to promote your business.

However without constant and consistent promotion you could look up one day to find you don’t have enough clients to maintain your level of income. This is why IFA marketing is so important – and it certainly isn’t an admission of failure to ask for assistance in this way.

Indeed, you can actually hire an experienced marketing team to handle your IFA marketing needs on a regular basis if you wish. This has a couple of notable advantages. Firstly they’ll have experience in this field that you don’t have. Secondly they’ll be able to handle your marketing requirements while you get on with running your business. It’s easy to say you should fit marketing into your working day, but we all know the feeling of not having enough hours left to do everything.

One of the most popular marketing services you can use that gets good results is pay per click. You may see this referred to as PPC for short. This means your business will be advertised on major search engines including Google straightaway. Yet you only pay when someone actually looks at your ad and goes through it to reach your website. This makes it a cost effective method to use – and if you get a team with experience in IFA marketing on the task, you’re likely to achieve even better results.

So you can see how important marketing is, and how it might work to consider hiring a team with extensive experience in this area. It will free you up to work in the areas you have your experience in – which is always a good move to make.

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